Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge George
This sweet red minpin was Dawn.  Dawn was adopted in 2009 to a wonderful loving family in Cumberland County, Kentucky.  Unfortunately, Dawn passed away of heart complications in June of 2017 in the her bed. Her mom says of her, "Her spirit for life was grand... Dawn was such a blessing. We took care of her like our own child." 
Rainbow Bridge Reily
This is Riley, on October 12 he would've been 12 years old, unfortunately he got bone cancer . Riley was a sweet well-mannered minpin.  He was my baby that slept by me every night, loved kisses, and belly rubs.  He was the best foster brother you can have; he always helped with the rescues that needed extra snuggles and face washes. From June to September he got a car ride every night and whatever he wanted to eat. Riley wasn't ready to go yet but his body was. Run Free with your mom, dad, brothers, and sister sweet baby, Reily.
Rainbow Bridge George
This handsome fella is George!! Stephanie, a volunteer with True Heart Rescue, saved him at the ripe old age of 8 years, with little hope of him being adopted.  Stephanie and her family had him for a little over a year when an awesome application was received and adoption approved. He lived another 4 years with his family before passing away last winter.  In honor of such a great dog, his adopted family had a decal made his his memory today and it's a beautiful memorial!
Rainbow Bridge Cowboy
Cowboy was a Min Pin Mix, male, 3 1/2 mos, 3 lbs, little ball of fire who unfortunately fell victim to parvo and passed away.