Happy Tails - Stories of Love and Adoption with True Heart Rescue

Annie - Orphan, No More

The following was poem was written by Tony Stallard in honor of his lost min pin and the adoption of his new min pin, Annie, through True Heart.
I may be broken.
Not so;
my body
only for a while.

My spirit,
As long as someone cares,
our strength will see us through.

When it all must end,
my paw print on your mind,
is where my echo of forever began
in a memory.

Your own.
October 2015
My thoughts on a creature in need,
my own dear Sophie, and my new friend Annie.

Ronnie found a home for the holidays...and forever!

Ronnie was found in a box along a road in Kentucky with his sister Reagan.  Both dogs were underweight and severely neglected.  Ronnie and his sister found themselves in a wonderful foster home in Pennsyvania, and soon with love and understanding they both became a very sweet lovable.  After some searching his adopted mom and Ronnie were matched as a perfect pair and just in time for the holidays Ronnie went to his new home with his adoptive mom.
Ronnie's sister Reagan is still available for adoption.  You can find pictures and a profile on her by clicking the link below: Find Your New Best Friend.
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Nathan and Faline, Homeward Bound
These two have had a rough beginning to life and are a tightly bonded
pair who needed to be adopted together.  Nathan, Faline, and
another min pin named, Micah were found living together in a field in
Ohio where they had been abandoned.  When they were found, they were  extremely scared and unhealthy. It took a lot of love and care to get these two ready for their forever.  But on a sunny fall day in October, Nathan and Faline finally found their way to a loving home in Indiana, where the family had lost their min pin to age.  We are so happy to hear these two long term fosters finally have a place to call their own.  Congratulations to the loving family that opening their hearts and their homes to these two little babies, who have had it so rough.
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Marlo, That Girl!

Marlo was found in September roaming the streets of Lexington completely dehydrated, emaciated, and terrified.  She was taken to the vet and it was discovered she was 20lbs underweight, her nails were so long she had to walk on her heels, and the vet suspects she had been held in tight quarters making her spend most of her time on her stomach and elbows.  This girl was on the verge of death. 
True Heart took her in, got her evaluated, medicated and provided her lots of love, food, and an opportunity to feel safe.  Flash foward to just 3 short weeks and a family in Louisville, Kentucky post in a group on Facebook they are looking for a red doberman. The family seems to be a perfect match, with a history of owning dobermans.  On her home visit and first introduction to her new home, she left her foster parents and ran and played like her foster parents had never seen her do.  It was a perfect fit.
Just one week later, Marlo, now called Cinnamon was picked up during an adoption event in Louisville, by the James family.  We will be posting updates on her as they become available.  Her foster family could not be more happy with how this worked out.  She has finally found a family who could give her everything she has ever wanted.  Congratulations to the James family and to Cinnamon on finding a forever match!
Marlo, the day she was taken into rescue.
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Marlo, the day she was adopted.

Katie, Love at First Sight

Katie Before Rescue
Katie Now in Adoption Home
This sweet girl is Miss Katie.  She was rescued from an abusive situation 20 pounds underweight and with demodectic mange .  When Stephanie first met Katie, it was love at first sight.  She was her very first foster and she knew Katie needed her as much as Stephanie needed her.  Stephanie went to the vets office to meet her, sat down beside Katie and this sweet girl just leaned up against Stephanie and sighed.  Unfortunately, Stephanie still couldn't bring her home for a couple of days because of her condition, so she waited patiently.  Katie finally got to come home and she is the perfect dog. She got along great with the other dogs in the house, crate-trained, housebroken, and is a big love bug.  Katie was 4 years old when Stephanie and her family rescued her and she has never looked back.  Stephanie was asked "When you imagine your future, is Katie in it?"  I said "Yes, without a doubt, the thought of Katie not in my life breaks my heart."  Well that was all she wrote.  Katie has been with the Brown family for 8 years and she wouldn't change a thing!  She is Stephanie's heart!
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Katie before.
Katie now.

Pablo, a True "Heart" Connection

Pablo, might mean small, but this little dog has a big story to tell.  It began on Labor Day 2014.  Rescued from a high kill shelter in Kentucky, Pablo didn't realize his story would bring him all the way north to Michigan. This little guy was all set to be flown up to meet his foster family with Pilots and Paws, but bad weather stopped that trip.  Instead, the family decided to drive down to Kentucky to rescue him.  Little did the family know this wouldn't be the last time they would be rescuing this adorable boy.
The family suspected Pablo was a mix but it didn't take long to tell, his attitude is 100% MinPin!  He was sweet, loving, fiesty, independent, energetic, intelligent, and maybe a little bossy.  Pablo had received no training when the family took him in, but they worked with him everyday, preparing him for his forever home. They could tell that he needed to have his little body exercised, as well as his mind, because though he loves a little lap time...he is NO lap dog. 
After about 3 1/2 months of searching, the family thought they had found the perfect match for Pablo.  His whole foster family loved him, especially his foster dad, the two became really close in their months together, but they knew sending him to a new forever home was the right thing to do, so they let him go. Months went by, then at 3am on a cold night in January , they recevied a call that Pablo was having a seizure.  The family that had watched Pablo for months were not only concerned, but confused.  He had no records of seizures and had never had one around them.   The family was informed that Pablo was epileptic and was put on medication by his adoptive home. 
More months passed when in April, the foster family that had taken such care of him noticed an unnerving post on social media.  It made it clear that Pablo was being abused (this claim was later denied), but
the foster family that had loved Pablo for those short months couldn't let him stay in a place that was suspected of abuse.  Little Pablo was pulled from the home immediately, until the situation could be investigated.

e conclusion was that Pablo could not return to his adoptive home, so his foster family took him back in and discovered he was a shell of the dog he used to be.  He was scared, in a drug-induced haze, snappy, his training forgotten; and he was very confused.  In the months he was away, he had gone from a bright and energetic dog to a special needs case. 
That's when this family  realized that Pablo could not go to just any home, he needed a home that would challenge him, teach him, work with him, and elevate his body, mind, and spirit.  Pablo was back with his foster home for about 2 months and after several applications and a lot of soul-searching Pablo's foster family decided they were just the FAMILY.  Pablo was home all along.

Pablo's family is 100% committed to giving him the happiest, healthiest life he can have.  Its not always easy; it is a lot of work in an already busy household, with four other dogs and a cat, but it is worth it! 

Pablo's family is happy to report he has never had a single seizure while he has been with them.  They also report that has the heart and energy of an Alaskan sled dog!  He's actually become quite the little athelete, taking runs as his family bikes along beside him.  They are even building him an obstacle course.   Visit Pablo's Playlist on True Heart's YouTube channel and see this little athlete in action.
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Pablo and dog family
Pablo and Family
Pablo loves fall
Blu was pulled from a shelter in Eastern Kentucky. She came into foster care at less than a year old with damage to hear ears, under weight, and suffering from hair loss.
Her foster home helped her socialize with other dogs and people. Provided her the love and nutrition she needed to get healthy again. They also taught her trust, discipline, and tricks; in return Blu taught them the beauty of opening your home to a rescue dog.
After being in foster for about 6 months and having several inquires that ended up not working out, Blu decided she wanted to stay in her foster home furever.
Blu continues to teach her new parents everyday things like patience and the importance of laughing at the small stuff. Blu has also decided that her dad and her GSD sister are her favorite creatures on the planet. Her hobbies include soaking up the sun, curling up in the easy chair with her dad, or chasing her giant sister around the house and nipping at her heels.
Blu is just one example of the great dogs you find at True Heart Pinscher Rescue. This spoiled princess gives THPR four out of four paws up!
Blu, a Love Story
Blu in a fur coat
Blu and her dad
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Veronica relaxing at home
Veronica loves her adopted dad

Veronica from Roadside to Lakeside

Veronica was thrown from a vehicle along a rule road in Kentucky.  If it has not been for a nearby home witnessing the event, Veronica could have been another casuality.  The concerned person contacted True Heart and Veronica was placed in a foster home.
From the day Veronica was placed in her foster home, she knew she was home.  Veronica ended up being adopted by her foster family and couldn't be happier with her new family.  She new spends her days with her  adopted mom and dad, patroling the lake outside her families townhouse.  What could be better than that?
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Where there is Smoke there's Fire
Smoke relaxing
Smoke coming in to rescue
Smoke enjoying a lazy, rainy day in his new forever home with Christine Janson...spoiled rotten!
The picture below is the day Smoke was picked up from the vet in Eastern Kentucky. He's a real stunner! He is sweet baby that was abandoned when he was just 8 months old. He's 11 months in this photo and was taken in to foster care with True Heart. In the 30 minutes of his transport team meeting him, he learned: sit, touch and down. An amazing dog and we're glad he now has found his happy furever home.
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