Meet Our Volunteers




Leann - Foster
 Lori - Emergency Foster, Blog Contributor
Volunteers in Michigan
Ann Marie and Kyle - Foster,Transport,Home Inspections, Review Applications
Tonya - Foster
Mary - Regional Coordinator (North and South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee), Foster, Intake, Transport, Volunteer Recruitment


Kari - Rescue Coordinator, Foster, Intake & Transports, Application Reviewer, Home Visits, Volunteer Recruiter, All other aspects of rescue
Volunteers in Indiana
Sarah - Foster
Allie - Foster and Fundraising



KENTUCKY (Rescue Founding State)

Jamie - Rescue Coordinator

Volunteers in Missouri
Denise - Foster
Sheree - Foster
Cheryl - Rescue Coordinator, THPR Board of Directors Member, President of Rescue and Co-Founder, Adoption Placement Assistant,Foster, All Other Aspects of Rescue
Volunteers in Kentucky
Aisha - Foster
Chris & Staci - Website, Social Media, Form Design,  Emergency Short-term Foster, Short-Distance Transport, Event Coordination, Application Review
Linda & Marvin - Transport, Home Visits, Emergency Short-term Foster
Sheryl & Derick - Event Coordination, Volunteer Recruiter, Foster, Recordkeeping
Stephanie & Randol - Doberman Intake Coordinator, Foster, Volunteer Recruiter, Application Reviewer
Vicky - Foster, Transport, Fundraising Coordinator
Mandy - Foster (Short-term), Transport, Home Inspections
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